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Good evening (or morning!) to you all!

I hope you are doing good!

2017 has just started and I really wanted to share with you some of my feelings about my pregnancy.

I usually don’t share very personal things on social media…(where everything always looks so perfect)  I think, as a blogger, you are already quite exposed between pictures on Instagram or Facebook and moreover on Snapchat.

I had an incredible 2016 until the end of the year when my mum got a serious health problem (everything is ok now!) and that’s why you didn’t see me for 15 days in November.

It’s never easy when someone you love so much is in danger, but it’s even worse when you are pregnant because of all the stress and pain you feel… I was so afraid to hurt my baby with all the bad feelings I had inside.

I’m a very sensitive person and sometimes when I get angry or when I feel sad, I can’t help feeling guilty…. Indeed, everyone tells you it’s very important to be calm and keep cool during pregnancy, but actually it’s not always easy…

It was kind of a surprise to find out I was pregnant. I’ve been trying for more than one year and because I was already 36 at the time, my doctor told me I had to get some treatments, which I was supposed to start last September.

I’ve been so lucky because I got pregnant in June! Although I was very happy, I cried a lot when I found it out… You suddenly realise that your life is not going to be the same anymore. So far, my pregnancy was very easy, I had absolutely no symptoms and I had no belly until the fourth month.

Now, I still have two months to go which is a good news because I’m starting to feel a bit heavy and my back hurts!

I will always remember the day the doctor called me to tell me if it was boy or girl. Again, I cried so much! Tears of joy of course but at this precise moment, it is getting so real! I didn’t care about the gender… I can tell you now… It’s a BOY!!

In a way, I can’t wait to give birth (to be very honest I’m not mad about being pregnant) but in the other way, I know it’s going to be very intense and all my friends tell me to enjoy my last moments of freedom.

Regarding fashion, I wear my usual clothes, I just bought some few dresses to feel comfy and I just bought 2 days ago a special denim at H&M! I think you can really shop the “normal” brands until the end, but for the pants, at some point, you have to buy something special…

The dress I’m wearing on these pictures is from Lenny B. 

Jacket: Zara

Boots: Mango

Sunnies: Celine

Pics by Anita dore