Denim overall





Hey guys!

Today, I would like to talk to you about the denim overall. To be honest, I’ve not been wearing overalls since my childhood, but I have to say I had a huge crush on these.

They are so cute and comfy… and easy to wear every season! Here, I chose to style it with some of my favourite basics: stripes, sailor coat and sophisticated accessories to twist it a little bit and bring some elegance to such casual pieces.

Of course, you can also wear it with a nice tee-shirt and sneakers in summer, for example, or even a lace top and stilettos for a more sexy look.

I just cut the bottom myself, I really like this effect and here, of course, you can see the boots better and I really like when pants are just above the ankle, it’s more sexy and feminine.

Sunnies: Dior

Top: Marks & Spencer

Overall and coat: Zara

Bag: Celine

Boots: Chloé