Somewhere in Paris

Hi Delphine! Who are you?
I am from Paris, but I lived in Florence and London for many years. I am an interior architect since 2003 and running my own business for 10 years and loving it. I am also a yoga teacher. I love both activities for the creativity, freedom and openness it gives me.

Can you describe your style?
I really like old buildings, their touch, their feel, their history. I enjoy mixing the old and modern. I love the industrial style, the 40s and 50s, our beautiful Hausmannian buildings and apartments in Paris but also open spaces like lofts.

Where do you get your inspiration?
I travel a lot, I have been around the globe, and each place has its own colour scheme, materials, culture and history that fascinates me. I go to India a lot, one of my favourite place in the world, the colours of the saris (women’s dress), the painted temples and adverts in the streets are beautiful memories and a source of inspiration. New York inspires me with its modernity in the design of homes and restaurants. Amsterdam is a city where I find the taste in interiors and choice of colours very tasteful and inspiring. I love walking or cycling around the city and look through cosy home windows. It makes me want to go inside and read a book seating in their lovely living rooms.

Can you tell us more about this place?
This is a two bedroom apartment near the Canal Saint Martin in Paris. It hadn’t been renovated for many years, it looked very old fashioned and the space was not fluid. I knocked down some walls to rethink the space, put old tomettes (earth flooring) on the kitchen’s floor and laundry, natural dark stone from Belgium on the bathroom floor, shower room and toilet. I created a laundry room and added several closets in the entrance hall and in the living room. You never have enough storage in an apartment! I searched and bought vintage items from the 40s and 50s, got some great industrial lamps and added some personal family touches from the owners here and there. Each room of the apartment is painted with a subtle warm colour from Farrow & Ball. Bathrooms are retro, with focets and towel racks from England and a huge legged bathtub to enjoy a moment of peace. The radiators are from a supplier of mine who restores and makes old styles radiators from different architecture periods. They become a real piece of art, fully part of the interior design. I made the place both comfortable and functional that is always my two main goals in interior design.

Where do you like to shop?
I like to buy vintage objects and furniture, I love their history and special look. I go to flea markets when they happen in central Paris or Saint Ouen (Paris suburbs). Sometimes I go to Antwerp in Belgium to look for old treasures. They give warmth and character to an interior and they get a second (or third!) life in their new habitat and that makes me happy. I try to be as eco-conscious as possible, using natural materials and restoring old items when possible to give them a new chance to brighten up a space.